Thursday, July 30, 2009

G. W. L.

Geoffrey asked me to make him something. Actually, I think he asked, "When are you going to make me something?" That was during the hand building class I took at Waterworks, and this is what I made. It looks funny now because glaze has been applied but it hasn't been fired. It should be white on top (and inside) and denim blue on the bottom.

The image is Geoffrey (drawn from looking at both a real photo of him and his comic version of himself), his initials G.W.L., and some trees in the left (he does work in the woods!).

There is no glaze on the decoration. Instead, I applied red iron oxide (brushed on, excess wiped off) to bring out the design and texture. It also looks really nasty right now because there are a couple layers of wax resist over it (to help keep glaze off when dunked in the glaze bucket).

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