Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boston Avenue Holy Wow Creative Arts Class

Because I am "artistic" I was asked to teach a one-hour art class on Wednesday nights for mid- and high schoolers at my church (Boston Avenue United Methodist). Last week, we did clay tiles. I prepared wet 6" by 6" tiles for the kids to carve into or make imprints or whatever they liked.

I picked up a bunch of leaves because I thought it would be fun to make leaf imprints. Here was my example:

I'm going to finish these with red iron oxide stain, so the stain will really highlight the leaf texture.

The kids':

Aren't these cute?

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  1. Hi, love your work. Mind if I ask a question? I am doing a mask project with some kids using low fire red clay...someone suggested brushing red iron oxide over and wiping off to highlight the textures, then finishing with a clear glaze. Is that similar to what you referred to with leaf tiles? Any info you can share would be appreciated.