Monday, February 8, 2010


As I'm completing my application for admission to graduate school, I keep thinking about the people who've been important to my success as a ceramist. I found myself wishing there was a page in the app where I could list thanks, kind of like an acceptance speech at an awards show.

Well, here's my list:

Sue Coleman (instructor and gallery coordinator at Cornell) who advised me in the execution of my senior thesis gallery show and helped me write my artist statement.

Sarah Henson, Matt and Maegen Heindel (fellow students and friends at Cornell) who helped me title my show and flesh out the connection between "landscapes" and my sculptural vessels.

Mark McWhorter (Indian Hills ceramics instructor)--taught me everything I know! My technique is one he used and my early pieces are directly inspired by his.

Tony Plaut (Cornell prof) was not my assigned adviser, but was an adviser to me. He challenged me and gave me useful criticism and practical advice about grad school.

Mary Young (my grandmother), an artist. She was also inspired by erosion and I was inspired by her.

Chad Elliott (painter, sculptor, musician, local celebrity) thought I was good and invited me to make stuff, which was the only stuff I made that year. Thanks to him, I can call myself an active artist. Also, he was an undergrad student at the school I'm trying to go to for grad school. He is part of my connection to that place.

Holly Kellogg (my mom). My number one supporter and encourager. Also PR person because I've gotten into shows and sales because of her. Literally could not be completing this application without her. She's done all the legwork. Digging through files for dates, taking my stuff to the photographer, taking measurements, etc. (Not because I am lazy necessarily, but because all my stuff is in Iowa and I am in Oklahoma.) Anyway, THANKS MOM!

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