Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today I started work on the tile of this image. I'd already prepped the tile itself yesterday. Today it was leather hard. Maybe a little too leather hard, but good enough.

I had a printout of the comic, layed it over the clay, and used my needle tool to transfer outlines to the clay:

Alright, so, I don't actually have everything totally figured out. I'd planned to carve the background in, as in, the buildings deeper than the sky, and then build the stuff in the foreground up. So the next thing I did was carve out the buildings. Which was unfortunately more of a challenge than I realized it would be, not helped by the fact that the clay was so hard (and unforgiving).

If this is going to work, I'm really going to need it to come out more boxy and less...crappy. I decided to just work on other stuff and try to figure it out later.. So I just started working on the trees. I scored 'em, brushed on slip, and then stuck more clay on and kinda squished it around until it seemed alright.

There are actually two layers of trees because two of them are behind one (on the right half), so the three more prominent ones are built up, and the two behind ones are just carved out of what was there. I did a little work on the hammock as well, but the studio was closing. This is as far as I got:

This may end up as a practice piece rather than final product because right now it's kind of, well, ugly as. I've still got plenty of problems to work out, besides just getting it to look neater. Such as, what am I doing with the foreground?? (I would like to know!)

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  1. I think it looks pretty good for you re-creating a comic!